Laurence  Forbin  is an artist following in the footsteps of a special and important International family of artists who have been attracted to the physical reality of Scotland in the spirit of arts :explorers.

Their exhibition in Scotland reveals their capacity to look at Scotland from the viewpoint of stranger travelling in a world which is revealed to them as a wondrous place, possessed of magical beauty, found nowhere else.

It is the land the Celts know and respect as T’Irn’An Ogg; the land of the ever young,where time stands still in midsummer, where the  sunset and the sunrise occur simultaneously.

Not only is the light uniquely beautiful, so also is the stuff and substance of the very earth itself and the rock formations, particularly around the coastline of the Hebridean  islands.

Laurence  Forbin  has followed the road to the Isles as before her, over the past four decades, did Joseph Beuys, Gunther Vecker, Klaus Rinke  and Gerhard Richter from Germany; John Schuler and John David Mooney from the United States, as well as her French compatriots  Eugène Leroy and Sylvain Bieth.

Her drawings and paintings express her commitment to the spirit of modernism, in the great tradition originating with Cézanne. With pencil, pens and brushes she releases a physical energy controlled by a highly intelligent awareness of the basic organic structure of Scottish landscape, without a trace of that sentimental expression all too many artists use when confronted by Scotland’s beguiling beauty.

Richard Demarco   ,art critic, gallerist ,artist

17th October 2003 Edinburg, for the opening of the exhibition at The Burnside Gallery, Isle of Arran Scotland